The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Electric Shower Is Running Cold

A hot shower is a thing of luxury. But if yours is acting up, here’s how you can identify the thing that’s stealing your hot water!

When electric showers run cold, one of three things is usually to blame. These include reduced water pressure, a limescale problem, and problems with the inlet gauze filter.

There is no need to hit that shower head with a hammer. Our article explains the reasons why it’s suddenly running cold and how the problem can be solved.

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Why Is My Electric Shower Running Cold?

There are several reasons why an electric shower could run cold. But if you recently experienced this and worry that your shower might be on the verge of breaking, there is no need to be too concerned – just yet. Electric showers are known to develop this problem and when they do, fixing one of three common reasons usually repairs the hot water flow.

These 3 reasons include:

  1. The water pressure is too low.
  2. A limescale problem due to hard water.
  3. Issues with the small gauze filter at the water inlet point.

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A Small Gauze Filter at the Water Inlet Point

Should I Fix My Electric Shower By Myself?

That depends on how skilled you are at fixing electrical appliances. Bear in mind that any appliance that works with power should be approached with care to avoid electrocution when you fix it or use it in the future. Since there is always that risk, it might be best to call a professional electrician or repair company when you identify the problem.

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The Water Pressure Is Too Low

In most cases, this is the main culprit that causes an electric shower to run cold. This is also a common phenomenon in newer buildings and the top floors in a multi-storied building. It is also possible for water pressure to reduce significantly when other people are using the same water supply at the same time.

If you are not living upstairs, but you still experience the same problem, then there is a high chance that the water company that is supplying your home with water has reduced the pressure temporarily to work on the pipe system or other repairs. If that is the case, you can either wait until the water company restores the pressure of the water or find a new main supplier.

There are handheld water pressure testers that you simply attach to a tap or the shower, even the main water supply point in your home, and you will get an instant reading to see how high or low your home’s water pressure is.

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A Limescale Problem Due To Hard Water


Hard water contains mineral deposits that usually leave behind limescale, which damages appliances such as water heaters, boilers, kettles, washing machines, and water pipes. It is possible that the heat canister inside the electric shower has a mineral blockage due to the build-up of limescale in the water. This restricts the flow of water into the electric shower.

If this is the case, you can clean the heat canister using a descaling agent such as citric acid. It is, however, worth noting that this problem requires the services of a professional plumber to solve because it involves disconnecting the incoming cold water pipe. Alternatively, you can decide to replace the shower with a new one and ensure that you form a habit of descaling on a regular basis.

You might also want to consider investing in water softeners. These devices are attached under sinks or the home’s main water supply. They prevent houses in hard water areas from suffering from limescale damage.

Like every other major appliance, an electric shower will perform best when it is kept well-maintained. Find out how to clean your electric shower.

Check The Small Gauze Filter At The Water Inlet Point

Another reason your electric shower could be running cold water is that there is something faulty with its small gauze filter at the water inlet point. Bear in mind that this is not the most common cause of electric showers running cold. However, it’s been known to happen and that is why one should always make sure that everything is fine with this component. You can simply check the shower to see if there is any debris that might be blocking the flow of the water.

If you are curious about every aspect of your electric shower, head on over to our informative article that explains everything about how an electric shower works. This will also give you a better foundation if you want to fix the shower yourself.

A Quick Summary On Why Your Electric Shower Is Running Cold

  • A common complaint with electric showers is that the appliance has a tendency to run cold.
  • Three common causes include a reduction in the pressure of water, there is too much limescale build-up due to hard water, and there is something blocking the gauze filter at the water inlet point.
  • You can test your home’s water pressure with a simple, handheld tester.
  • A reduction in water pressure can have multiple causes of its own and must be checked by a plumber.
  • When limescale or a blocked filter is the problem, a good cleaning session could also rectify the flow of the hot water.
  • It is advisable to have a professional look at your electric shower. They can accurately diagnose the problem and fix it.
  • In most cases, the three common causes can be fixed but sometimes the electric shower needs to be replaced.

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