Worcester Boiler: No Green Light [Solved]

And we’re back with another round of, “Why don’t my things work?!” In today’s edition, we’re talking about everyone’s favourite household device to troubleshoot – the boiler! If your Worcester boiler has no green light, it’s often one of two causes (which you can discover by reading further down). We’ll cover what each light on your boiler means and why they may go out – so stay tuned.

The most common cause for a Worcester boiler with no green light are LED failure and PCB failure.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Worcester Boiler: No Green Light

boiler repair, no green light

The green light on your Worcester RI indicates that the burner is currently on. If you’ve noticed that the light is not on when it should be, there are two causes:

  1. A failed LED
  2. Or a failed Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

While the former is an easy fix that isn’t super vital to the well-being of your boiler, the latter is more of a pain. If you notice that the green light on your boiler is out, begin by testing that it is, indeed, the light bulb. Turn on some hot water through a nearby tap and (if all is well) you’ll see the boiler kick right on.

Assuming all is working well, replace the LED bulb! You may have to look around for the particular size and model that you need, but it won’t hurt to take the time and search. Your boiler will be fine without the light – just don’t forget to replace the bulb.

The other, less fun option is that your PCB has failed. With a Worcester boiler (no green light) This is the circuit board that powers the lights on your machine (among a few other minor functions). While it’s not vital to the long-term health of your device, it should be replaced when possible. One major downside to this is that they can cost several hundred pounds (£400+) – in other words, they’re not cheap.

The biggest problem with a failed PCB is that you won’t be able to run any diagnostics on your boiler until it’s replaced. So I guess just sit and pray that nothing else goes wrong while you get it replaced.

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Worcester Boiler: Other Potential Issues

Now that we’ve gotten the thing that likely brought you here out of the way, let’s talk about some of the other potential issues with Worcester boilers – all of which tie into the blue light.

Worcester Boiler: No Blue Light

The blue light on your Worcester RI is its power indicator. Two of these causes are the same as the above section, so I’m gonna save you a bit of reading.

The three causes of a failed blue light on your boiler are a dead LED or PCB, with a socket failure as a “long shot” third option.

If you suspect that your socket has failed, begin by checking your breaker. Ensure it hasn’t flipped, and then test the socket. Plug a few other devices (that you know work) into the outlet – if they work, the socket isn’t the problem. If they do, it’s time to call an electrician in to take a look.

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Worcester Boiler: Pulsing Blue Light

If you notice that the blue light on your Worcester RI is flashing, this means that it’s in service mode. This mode is designed to make it easy (and safe) to measure the flue gases during maintenance and will pulse or flash several times.

If your boiler’s blue light is pulsing, it is caused by an accidental switching on or not being returned to the proper position. This is not cause for concern.

Simply check that the switch isn’t turned on, and if it is, flip it back – simple as that.

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Worcester Boiler: Flashing Blue Light (Gas Supply Issue)

If you notice your boiler’s blue light flashing consistently and you know it’s not in service mode, it means one of three things:

  1. The flue is blocked
  2. Your condensate pipe is blocked
  3. There’s an issue with the gas supply

If it’s problem number one, you simply need to clean out your flue. You’ll also want to inspect it to ensure there’s no damage done and call a gas engineer to take a look. They’ll be able to clean, replace, and/or service your flue depending on what’s wrong.

If your condensate pipe is blocked, you’ll (again) want to call a gas engineer out for help dealing with it. This is a common problem in the winter when moisture freezes with debris in the condensate pipe.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether which of the above issues you’re experiencing, they’re (generally) not incredibly urgent. If you notice blinking or failed lights on the boiler, it’s always best to call a gas safe engineer to take a look. There’s no sense in playing things fast and loose when it comes to the boiler in your home.

Common causes for failed lights on a Worcester boiler are a dead LED bulb or failed PCB, both of which are not urgent issues, but should be fixed as soon as possible. If you notice a flashing blue light, however, take note. There could be a blockage along the line somewhere in your flue or condensate pipe. Worse yet, there could be a gas supply issue. These are both issues in which calling a gas safe engineer would be in your best interest.

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